Salsa, salsa and salsa. The port allowed Cartagena to connect musically and rhythmically to the Antilles. Cuban, African and Antillian music make up a very important part of the Afrocaribbean legacy of the city. Here EVERYBODY knows how to dance and has a personal relationship to music and sound systems. Learn about the way the locals live the Salsa Culture. Funny, educational, you will enjoy to dance, to watch and to listen. #Funwithapurpose #wherethelocalsgo

Additional Information

Passport number and nationality

Remember, this tour takes you out of the City Center into the real city! Finally... off the beaten track!

Perfect for

Couples, singles, or groups of friends that want to learn about salsa and afro caribbean rhythms even if they do not dance

Amateur dancers who want to practice and learn more about the local salsa move

Lovers of vernacular cultures

  • Comfort Level Medium (air conditioning will only be available in the bus and the last Salsa Bar)

  • Effort Level Medium (you can either dance your head off or just watch the local Salsa move)

  • You should bring Comfortable shoes .


  1. Donde Fidel
  2. La Charanga de Josep Black
  3. El Koreano
  4. Vueltabajero
  5. Getsemani